Beauty Therapist

A Beauty Therapist (also known as a Somatogists) specialises in beauty treatments for the face and body.


Does the world of Cosmetics, facials, and skin structure fascinate you? The world of Cosmetology might be what you are looking for.

Day Spa General Manager

A Day Spa General Manager generally works in a hotel, resort or safari lodge. They are in charge of the daily running of the spa as well as monitoring and managing staff, ordering stock and making sure that the guests/clients are satisfied with their spa treatments.

Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant

Hair or Beauty Salon Assistants work in a salon an help the haridressers or therapists with their treatments and make sure the salon is clean and tidy at all times.

Make-Up Artist

A Make-up Artist works in different fields including applying make-up:( 1) in beauty salons (eg wedding make-up etc) – (2) on movie and television sets (eg celebrities as well as on ‘extras’) – (3) in photographic studios (eg on individuals for portraiture or on fashion models).

Salon Manager

A Salon Manager usually has a beauty qualification and has worked in the industry for a few years to get experience before being appointed this position. They are in charge of running the operations of the salon effectively.

Skincare Therapist

A Skincare Therapist specialises in skincare treatments like derma-abrasion, peeling, botox, lymphatic drainage etc. They may even include various massages, facials, hair removal treatments, pedicures and manicures, eyebrow & lash treatments, tanning, tinting and waxing.


A Somatologist (also known as a Beauty Therapist) – specialises in beauty treatments for the face and body.