Hotel Bellman / Bellhop

What is a Bellman?

A Bellman is employed by a hotel.  After the receptionist, they are the next employee the guest encounters.

They help guests with their luggage and show guests to their room.  Bellmen are usually found inside a hotel while Porters usually work outside the hotel.

A Bellman should always be polite and use the customer’s name when addressing them to make them feel welcome. 

Bellmen usually work for tips so it is essential that they do their job to the best of their abilities, being cheerful and helpful at all times.

For some, being a Bellman is the first step to entering the world of hospitality.  If you show keenness and do your job well, the hotel might send you for further training and you can then work yourself up the corporate ladder.

What does a Bellman do?

  • remaining in lobby to assist guests with luggage
  • greeting guests
  • showing guests to their room, opening doors along the way
  • stacking and pulling luggage on rack to the guests room
  • depending on time of day – turning the lights on in the guest’s room or opening the curtains
  • being helpful and courteous at all times
  • assisting other hotel departments if they are short staffed
  • storing luggage for guests when necessary
  • being impeccably groomed at all times

Are you … ?

  • wanting to work in the hotel industry?
  • always helpful and polite?
  • observant and attentive?
  • neat, tidy and professional?
  • strong, healthy and fit?
  • a team player?
  • a person with good people skills?
  • attitude?
  • willing to work unusual hours or shift work?

How do I become a Bellman?

No formal training is required. 

A high school certificate would be advantageous.  Good people skills, physical strength and a keen work ethic are very important.  You must want to serve and be helpful at all times.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDERHotel Porter or Tour Bus Driver

Is becoming a Bellman the right career choice for me?

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