I’m Mosa and from Khaylitsha.

I’m Mosa and from Khaylitsha. I’m interested in the IT field. Would like information on how to get training and what companies are offering internships or entry level jobs. 


Hi Mosa

It sounds like you need a Learnership (and maybe an Internship after you qualify).

The first thing is to identify what you want to do in IT (Software? Hardware?) and so we suggest you explore information on this link and choose a direction.


Then we suggest you explore which educational institutions would best provide the first rung on your career ladder. Public FET Colleges are best suited to provide both training at the Basic level, Learnerships and /or loans which can be written off, if you do well. You can fnd them here:


Remember to enquire about Learnerships when you apply.

If you want higher level training, you select universities of technology or universities.

Then we invite you to register on our website so that you can find and apply for Learnerships and other opportunities here:


Do not hesitate to ask any more questions if you have them.

Good luck from