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What is an Internal Audit Manager?

Internal Audit Managers have a very important advisory job. They are responsible for improving and adding value to the company’s operating procedures.

Internal Audit Managers do not implement procedures but they are there to advise all the other managers and the Board of Directors.

An Internal Audit Manager is in charge of identifying:

  • Poor quality work or poor performance by employees
  • The wastage of time and materials
  • Fraud and theft
  • Deliberate acts of industrial sabotage (giving competitors important info about the company)
  • Risk management

Internal Audit Managers tread a fine line between staff and management. They need to have excellent knowledge of the company’s work processes in all the different departments. They need to understand the workers as well as understand that the company is there to make profit. They need to create a happy and productive environment.

What does an Internal Audit Manager do?

  • conducts regular company inspections (physically and on the computer)
  • examines various work procedures and how they are followed throughout the company
  • uses analysis tools to conduct research
  • uses a computer, spreadsheets, graphs etc to track performance, waste etc
  • designs more productive ways of doing things and reports to management
  • keeps abreast of risk and risk management
  • improves company’s governance (in line with local and national laws)
  • documents and writes reports
  • meets with managers and with the Board of Directors

Are you . . . ?

  • impartial?
  • analytical?
  • organised and methodical?
  • diplomatic?
  • observant?
  • a problem solver?
  • a good communicator?
  • a good negotiator?
  • objective?

How do I become an Internal Audit Manager?

Most Internal Audit Managers have a business / commerce qualifications and loads of working experience in the business sector.

An Internal Audit Manager usually starts off at the bottom as a junior or assistant in the company and after years of collecting skills and experience will slowly move up the corporate ladder. Internal Audit Managers are generally older due to this fact.

A lot of Internal Audit Managers will also continue to study throughout their working career to improve their knowledge and skills.

After years as an Internal Audit Manager in a company you may be invited to become a Director.



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