Job Development Specialist


What is a Job Development Specialist?

Job Development Specialists are usually consultants who are hired by companies or organisations. Some Job Development Specialists will specialise in a certain sector like mining, or retail or education while other Job Development Specialists will have broad knowledge of almost all careers. They promote and develop employment and on-the-job training opportunities.

A Job Development Specialist has 3 main tasks:

  • Career development
  • Team or department training
  • Track and keep up to date with the job market

Career Development:

  • The Job Development Specialist may help individuals with regard to finding employment, writing CV’s, and/or train them for interview etc.

Team or Department Training:

  • The Job Development Specialist may assist companies or organisations with finding the right person for the right job, assist some employees improve their skill sets etc. They could organise training sessions for certain departments within the firm.

Keeping Up To Date:

  • The job market is forever changing. New jobs are available, salaries are different, government legislations changes etc – therefore, the Job Development Specialist needs to continue to research and keep up to date with these facts and figures and other issues like unemployment.

They also need to find out which jobs are in demand and which sectors are overstocked.

What does a Job Development Specialist do?

  • constantly researches the job market for jobs and other job-related information
  • assists companies and organisations where necessary
  • assists individual with regard job hunting
  • writes articles to assist job hunters
  • counsels individuals about career choices
  • helps people get permanent employment
  • conducts team training

Are you . . . ?

  • a peoples’ person?
  • a good communicator?
  • interested in a variety of careers?
  • a good listener?
  • helpful and resourceful?
  • understanding?
  • a good ‘teacher’?
  • patient?

How do I become a Job Development Specialist?

There are no direct qualifications to become a Job Development Specialist.

We suggest you must have a passion for careers in general and a healthy appetite for helping people.

A qualification in HR (human resources) or counselling might be helpful. It will be up to you to do the necessary research on the various careers available so that you can give career advice.

Maybe, after you have studied, you can find work in a recruitment agency or HR department and then collect the experience and skills you will need to become a Job Development Specialist.


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Is becoming a Job Development Specialist the right career choice for me?