An Ergonomist studies and specialise in designing comfortable and efficient items for offices, home studies and factories. An Ergonomist studies anatomy to understand how the body (bones and muscles) work. They then design items like furniture, tools, office environments etc to suit the body so it can work more efficiently.

Human Resource Clerk

A HR Clerk works in the Human Resources department of a company. They are responsible for maintain and updating all the employees records.

Human Resource Manager

Are you fair minded and diplomatic? Can you cope with conflicting points of view? Are you persuasive and pleasant and able to work well with varying personality types? Why not consider a career in Human Resources?

Job Development Specialist

Job Development Specialists are usually consultants who are hired by companies or organisations. Some Job Development Specialists will specialise in a certain sector like mining, or retail or education while other Job Development Specialists will have broad knowledge of almost all careers. They promote and develop employment and on-the-job training opportunities.

Labour Relations Officer

Labour Relations Officers may work for government or for private companies. A Labour Relations Officer’s main job is to guarantee that both managers and employees are satisfied. They must keep up to date with all labour and wage laws. They must also keep up to date with company policies that relate to employees, for example contracts, wages, working conditions etc.

Leadership Development Specialist

Leadership Development Specialists are responsible for all strategic planning and aspects of leadership development, career paths, succession planning and performance management within organisations. They use different development methods such as on-the-job-training, electronic training, practical training and theoretical training.

Recruitment Agent

A Recruitment Agent works for a recruitment agency or they can be self-employed. A recruitment agency offers a service to companies to advertise, search and interview candidates for jobs available at that company.

Training and Development Professional

A Training and Development Professional researches, designs and implements training and development programmes targeted specifically for that company/organisation, so that staff and teams may work as efficiently and as productively as possible.