Maitre D’

What is a Maitre D’?

A Maitre D’ is the ‘front of house’ person for a formal, fine dining establishment whether it be a private restaurant, a restaurant in a hotel or on a cruise ship. 

They are generally the head waiter but in some cases, if they have had training, they can also be the host, manager or Sommelier too. 

Most Maitre D’s are a monthly paid employee and do not get tips.  Tips are usually for the waitering-staff.

What does a Maitre D’ do?

  • welcoming guests and assigning them tables
  • taking reservations
  • supervising and managing staff
  • working out shift rosters for staff
  • overseeing all aspects of the guests’ dining experience
  • making sure guests are comfortable and satisfied
  • ensuring the ‘traffic’ between kitchen and dining hall runs smoothly
  • may even prepare food at the table, like a flaming dessert
  • handling customer complaints

Are you … ?

  • a people’s person?
  • interested in the restaurant business?
  • willing to ‘serve’ others?
  • a person who pays attention to detail?
  • confident and friendly?
  • tactful and sensitive?
  • able to manage a team?
  • organised?
  • neat and professional?

How do I become a Maitre D’?

One can, in some cases gain experience and work up the ladder from being a waiter/waitress to becoming a Maitre D’.

In some cases too, the Maitre D’ studies further to specialise in a certain field like wine or ‘flair’ cooking so that they can present and cook food at the table, like a flaming dessert.

Some even study management so that they can end up managing a restaurant. 

The more skills you collect along the way, the higher you will climb the ladder to success.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Receptionist or Restaurant Host/Hostess

Is becoming a Maitre D’ the right career choice for me?

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