A Barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. Barista jobs are popular all around the world. As the coffee grows internationally there are many work opportunities for good baristas. South Africa is no exception!


A Bartender serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from behind a counter in a bar, pub, tavern, or similar establishment.


Does entertainment through food and wine excite you. Then becoming a Professional Caterer is a career to consider.


IN DEMAND: A Chef usually runs or is in charge of a kitchen in a restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, old-aged home, university, cruise ship, resort etc. They are in charge of the kitchen staff, preparing menus, ordering supplies and preparing the food. Chefs work particularly long hours.


A Dishwasher works in the kitchen of a restaurant (in a private establishment, hotel, lodge, resort, cruise ship, hotel, school, etc). Their work is very important because they need to keep a steady flow of clean dishes, pots and pans etc ready for the chef and the cooking team.

Food and Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for co-ordinating all food and beverage requirements for hotels, conference centres, fast food outlets, lodges and restaurants.

Food Services Manager

A Food Services Manager is a person who is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the supply of food to a large number of people.

Kitchen Porter

Interested in working in the hospitality industry but you are unsure of which direction? Perhaps working as a Kitchen Porter could help you make up your mind. A Kitchen Porter is responsible for cleaning the dishes, pots and pans, bowls and cutlery – restacking and packing as well as doing basic food preparation, like making salads etc.

Maitre D’

A Maitre D’ is the ‘front of house’ person for a formal, fine dining establishment whether it be a private restaurant, a restaurant in a hotel or on a cruise ship.

Maitre D’

A Maitre D’ is the ‘front of house’ person for a formal, fine dining establishment whether it be a private restaurant, a restaurant in a hotel or on a cruise ship.


Mixologists work as bartenders in bars, restaurants, clubs and at private parties. Apart from pouring beer and regular drinks for customers, mixologists are trained to entertain the crowds. Your stepping stone to fame or a career in the hospitality industry.

Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are in demand!

Here’s a finger-licking, sweet job for you! If you have a passion for food, particularly pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods, then becoming a Pastry Chef may be the job for you.

Restaurant Host / Hostess

Do you think that you might be interested in the restaurant business? Do you enjoy working with and helping people? Are you great at making first impressions? Then you may enjoy a job as a Host or Hostess.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers operate for others or run their own restaurants. They are responsible for the quality and reputation of the restaurant. They handle a wide range of administrative and HR duties, including hiring staff and training staff to provide quality food and service.

Waiter / Waitress / Waitron

Waitresses / Waiters (or Waitrons) usually work in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels. Common duties include taking customer orders, serving food and beverages, clearing and setting tables and preparing the bills.

Some Waitrons work part-time to supplement their monthly income, while others wait tables full time.

Wine Steward / Sommelier

A Wine Steward/Sommelier is a wine professional who works in a fine-dining restaurant or in an upmarket hotel. They are trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of wine making as well as wine & food pairing. They are much more informed than a wine waiter.