Waiter / Waitress / Waitron

What is a Waitress, Waiter or Waitron?

They usually work in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels.

Common duties include taking customer orders, serving food and beverages, clearing and setting tables and preparing the bills.

Some Waitrons work part-time to supplement their monthly income, while others wait tables full time.

Those waitering in ‘fine-dining’ establishments can make a lot of money with tips, but to get a job in one of these places takes a lot of experience. 

They will also need to work alongside the Chef to understand the dishes, what ingredients and processes were used so that they can describe them perfectly to the customers.

What does a Waitress, Waiter or Waitron do?

  • set tables before guests arrive and after guests leave
  • greetcustomers and seat them in smoking or non-smoking areas
  • deliver menus and inform customers about the ‘specials of the day’
  • take drink and dinner orders
  • place order in the kitchen or type it on a computer which will go through to kitchen
  • constantly being alert – refreshing customers’ drinks and other requirements
  • serve food
  • prepare the bill

Are you … ?

  • a peoples’ person?
  • cheerful, polite and positive?
  • neat and tidy?
  • a multi-tasker?
  • a quick thinker?
  • able to read and write?
  • able to speak clearly?
  • a good listener?
  • willing to work long hours – including weekends?
  • able to take criticism – some customers can be very difficult?

How do I become a Waitress, Waiter or Waitron?

Most Waiters and Waitresses start off being trained on-the-job whether in a fast-food restaurant or coffee shop. 

One then moves up to working in a small restaurant to get some experience dealing with the public and serving food, before heading up the ladder to become a waitron in a fancy restaurant or hotel.  However, some hotels and restaurants will train you too if you have the ‘personality’ and drive to work for their company.

Attending some training in this area, to improve your skills, will always be an advantage and will get you ahead of the rest. 

For example:


Offers a 5 day short course in Hotel Restaurant Skills  



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Is becoming a Waitress, Waiter or Waitron the right career choice for me?

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