Restaurant Host / Hostess

What is a Restaurant Host or Hostess?

Do you think that you might be interested in the restaurant business? Do you enjoy working with and helping people? Are you great at making first impressions? Then you may enjoy a job as a Host or Hostess.

A Restaurant Host or Hostess is usually the first person that greets you at the entrance of a restaurant.  They are polite and friendly and try to make the guest/customer feel at home.

What does a Restaurant Host or Hostess do?

  • taking reservations
  • greeting guests as they enter the restaurant
  • seating guests at their assigned table
  • providing guests with menus
  • managing the seating arrangements
  • making special arrangements for children or disabled people
  • answering questions about the menu
  • operating the cash register
  • making sure guests are satisfied
  • dealing with customer complaints or problems
  • doing basic bookkeeping

Are you … ?

  • people friendly?
  • interested in the restaurant industry?
  • interested in food?
  • positive?
  • cheerful?
  • professional?
  • neat and tidy in appearance?
  • a person who speaks clearly?
  • organised?
  • a person with good phone skills?

How do I become a Restaurant Host or Hostess?

You will get training on-the-job.  We would suggest starting your restaurant career as a waitress/waiter or waitron.  See under Waiter / Waitress / Waitron on our website for more details.

Once you have got your foot in the door, then you can show them how hard and enthusiastic you are.  Once you have proved you are capable and reliable, you may find yourself as the Restaurant Host or Hostess. 

From Restaurant Host or Hostess – you could work even harder and collect enough experience to move up again to Restaurant Manager or Food & Beverage Manager. It’s all up to you!


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Hotel/Resort Receptionist and Guest Liaison

Is becoming a Restaurant Host or Hostess the right career choice for me? 

See below for more info.