Managing Director



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Other names for Managing Director:

  • Chief Executive

What is a Managing Director?

A Managing Director holds a very senior position in a company. They are a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Managing Directors are usually directly responsible for the company’s successes and failures. He or she therefore, strives to encourage managers to get the best out of the employees.

This job involves a lot of thinking and paperwork.

The Managing Director writes reports, makes presentations and makes very important decisions. In most cases, they are held legally responsible  for the actions of the company.

What does a Managing Director do?

  • reviews company policies
  • plans, directs an co-ordinates overall activities and strategies of the company
  • implements business plans
  • evaluates and reviews work done
  • motivates managers
  • works within the guidelines of the board of directors
  • reports to and is part of the board of directors
  • votes alongside board members
  • attends conferences
  • presents at conferences
  • travels

Are you . . . ?

  • highly skilled and experienced?
  • professional?
  • a person with great business aptitude?
  • analytical?
  • team player?
  • a decision maker?
  • confident?
  • a good communicator?
  • a good motivator?

How do I become a Managing Director?

To become a Managing Director you would have to have loads of experience as a Manager. Being a Manager in more than one department would be advantageous.

You would need a lot of different skills. To be a good Managing Director you would need to know as much as possible about all the different departments of that company.

Managing Directors are generally older due to this fact. They have spent years and years working to gain all the experience and skills necessary to be promoted to this level.

Managing Directors are ambitious and hard working. A lot of Managing Directors have also gone back to study a Master’s degree and other qualifications.


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Is becoming a Managing Director the right career choice for me?