Mines Safety Inspector



OFO No:  325707





Other names for Mines Safety Inspector:

  • Mine Air Quality Officer
  • Mine Radiation Officer
  • Mine Risk Control Officer
  • Mines Inspector
  • Mines Safety Officer


What is a Mines Safety Inspector (MHSI)?

The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) employs Mines Safety Inspectors.

There are 4 kinds of mine inspectors:

  • Inspector of Mines
  • Inspector of Machinery
  • Inspector of Occupational Hygiene
  • Medical Inspector

A Mines Safety Inspector is responsible for the safety and health of the employees and other persons (like sub-contractors, visitors etc) on the mine.

What does a Mines Safety Inspector do?

(this will depend on what kind of inspector you are)

  • follows strict safety and hygiene regulations
  • advises on the implementation of these rules
  • inspects mines
  • does research
  • makes sure mine is follow the safety and hygiene regulations
  • investigates accidents on the mine
  • inspects and tests equipment
  • inspects confined spaces for ventilation etc
  • inspects hazardous materials and waste
  • makes sure water, food and environment is safe for people

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in mining?
  • interested in safety?
  • reliable and responsible?
  • trustworthy?
  • observant?
  • compassionate?
  • a people’s person?
  • methodical?

How do I become a Mines Safety Inspector?

A inspector needs a driver’s license and be computer literate (MS Office)


Inspector of Mines:

  • You will need to complete a relevant mining-related degree or diploma
  • Or … A Matric with at least 3 years underground mining work experience
  • Completion of the Mine Manager’s Government Certificate of Competency (GCC)
  • 1 year work experience after completion of the GCC


Inspector of Machinery:

  • Completed a Diploma or Degree in Engineering
  • 2 years of workplace experience of which at least one must be at a mine
  • Complete one of these Mine Engineer Government Certificates of Competency (GCC):

GCC: Electrical Engineer for Mines and Work
GCC: Mechanical Engineer for Mines and Work

  • 1 year of workplace experience as a Section Engineer on a mine


Inspector of Occupational Hygiene:

  • Learnership – Occupational Safety, Hygiene and Environmental (Mining and Minerals) at Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Relevant work experience – then apply for the job as a MHSI


Medical Inspector:

  • Qualify as a medical doctor (GP)
  • Complete a post-graduate diploma in Occupational Health
  • Workplace experience


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Mining Engineering Technician or Nuclear Power Plant Process Controller

Is becoming a Mines Safety Inspector the right career choice for me?