Organic Chemist

Organic chemists are scientists who study the structure, make-up, contents, chemical reactions and combinations of organic compounds. An organic compound is made up of combinations of carbon and hydrogen and can contain other substances such as nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur. Organic chemists work with these compounds whose substances come mainly from animals and plants. They research these compounds and then develop and produce commercial products such as medical drugs, plastics, elastomers (similar to rubber) and fertilisers. As part of developing new products, organic chemists prepare instructions for production plant operators to produce their new product. These instructions include details on ingredients required, mixing times and stipulate the temperature at which the various stages of production must be completed. Organic chemists also test samples of raw materials and monitor the production process. They test samples of the final product to ensure that the industry and production quality standards are met. All test results are documented and used in further research to improve existing products or develop new ones. 

Where to study:
Universities: NMMU, SUN, UL, UZulu, RU, Unisa
Universities of Technology: CPUT
Companies to work for:


Chemical and industrial manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical industry, educational institutions, research and development laboratories, self – employed