Parks Administrator

Parks Administrators educate people about the environment and conservation and run a nature reserve or a park according to certain laws and standards. 

This should preferably be done in an economically viable way, so that they make a profit.  They may organise various activities, such as nature walks and field trips for schools. 

They are in charge of educating the public, training their staff;  building and maintaining walkways, fences, trails and other structures;  organising science and ecology exhibitions and performing the necessary administrative duties.  Because conservation is so expensive, parks administrators have to find additional ways to raise money. 

The educational aspect of their work therefore also includes a lot of marketing and close liaison with the printed press in order to get the maximum media coverage (e.g. announcing events such as the birth of a new bay elephant). 

Nature conservation is very important, not only for the environment, but also for the survival of mankind.

Game Parks and National Parks are the employees of this profession.  It is important to spend some time working in the environment in order to secure permanent employment with Nature Conservation Parks.