An Ecologist is a biologist who studies the interaction between living things, including people, and their environment.

Environmental Educator

Environmental educators teach the public and tourists about the environment and also monitor and preserve plants and animals in nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering is the use of science and engineering principles to improve the environment and work to find solutions to provide healthy, clean water, air, and land for all living things (humans, animals and organisms) … and to deal with already polluted sites.

Field Guide

A Field Guide talks and works with guests. They are responsible for providing guided tours, in the parks or game reserves – on foot or in 4×4 vehicles.
On many reserves, the Field Guide assists the Game Ranger.


The study of water management is done by a Geohydrologsit. They ensure proper data is recroded to aid crucial choices.

Park Ranger

Park Rangers teach people to respect nature. They are employed by the government (national parks) or private game farms. Park Rangers work throughout the country protecting the natural environment for future generations. They enforce park rules and regulations, prevent forest fires and see that visitors behave right.

Parks Administrator

Parks Administrators educate people about the environment and conservation and run a nature reserve or a park according to certain laws and standards.

Wind Energy Developer

Creating ‘green’ energy is a very important for Wind Energy Developers. They are responsible for developing, managing and directing internal and external wind resources to develop green wind farm projects.

Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keepers manage the care and conservation of a wide variety of animals in captivity.