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What is a Wind-Energy Developer?

The world’s population is constantly expanding and the demand for energy is high in order for homes, businesses, cities, towns and industries to function.

Coal and nuclear energy have been used for many years, but due to the strain they put on the earth’s natural resources, the health risks and their polluting aspects, they aren’t suitable forms of energy generation for the future. There is, therefore, a great need to create new ways of generating energy that is both sustainable and ‘green’.

Creating ‘green’ energy is a very important for Wind Energy Developers. They are responsible for developing, managing and directing internal and external wind resources to develop green wind farm projects.

What does a Wind-Energy Developer do?

  • analysing weather patterns, reports and other data
  • looking for prospective wind farm sites
  • developing and maintaining a budget
  • liaising with consultants, land owners and local communities
  • developing large-scale sites within the laws that govern it?
  • acquiring necessary permits

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in protecting the environment?
  • interested in renewable energy?
  • scientific?
  • hands on?
  • hard-working?

How do I become a Wind-Energy Developer?


A Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Renewable Energy is offered at most universities around South Africa.
4-10 years of work experience – preferably in power generation, environmental, or related field is recommended. 

Postgraduate course: 

Wind Energy Development in Africa: 

Africa has the potential for large-scale wind energy developments.

Africa has a coastline of more than 30,000km and has ideal weather conditions suitable for harnessing wind energy. Unlike the densely populated regions of Europe, Africa also has large, open land areas on which to develop wind farms.

Africa is also an important market for small turbine manufacturers. Close to 80% of our continent’s population are not yet connected to electricity.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Wind Analyst or Solar Installer

Is becoming a Wind-Energy Developer the right career choice for me?


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Maths Required Qualification Required Science Required