Petrol Pump Attendant




What is a Petrol Pump Attendant?

A Petrol Pump Attendant plays an important role in the maintenance of a motor vehicle.

Not only do Petrol Pump Attendants add petrol to a vehicle, they also conduct routine service checks such as:

  • checking fluid levels
  • tyre pressure
  • cleaning windshields

Petrol Pump Attendants work at petrol or filling stations.

What does a Petrol Pump Attendant do?

  • fill petrol tanks with petrol or diesel
  • check water and oil levels and topping up if needed.
  • check tyre pressure
  • clean windshields
  • take payments
  • deliver receipts

Are you … ?

  • someone with good customer service skills?
  • a person with a basic knowledgeable of vehicle mechanics?
  • willing to work odd, long hours and public holidays?
  • multi-lingual –  more than one language?
  • a good listener?
  • a quick worker?
  • someone who likes working outdoors?

How do I become a Petrol Pump Attendant?

Most petrol companies provide on the job training.

Some companies they could work at:

  • Shell
  • Total
  • BP
  • Engen etc

Some Petrol Pump Attendant make good money as they are positive and dedicated.  Customers see this and reward them by tipping them well.

If a Petrol Pump Attendant shows that they are hard working and positive, the company may put them on training programmes.  These training programmes may help them get promotion.  Eventually, a Petrol Pump Attendant may, one day own their own garage and employ other Petrol Pump Attendants.


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Is becoming a Petrol Pump Attendant the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.