Physical Asset Manager



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Other names for Physical Asset Manager:

  • Resources Manager

What is a Physical Asset Manager?

There are 2 kinds of assets:

Physical Assets

To make it easier – these are assets you can physically touch, eg: property, boats, cars, coins etc. These assets are not easily converted to cash.

Non-physical Assets

These have monetary value but you cannot touch, eg: investments, shares, bonds etc. These assets can usually be instantly turned into cash.

A Physical Asset Manager manages a portfolio of physical assets either for a company or for private individuals.

In some cases, Physical Asset Managers are asked to manage a portfolio of a company that is going through liquidation. They need to work out what the company owns with relation to what the company owes, so that the liquidating company can clear its debts.

What does a Physical Asset Manager do?

  • manages portfolio/s
  • makes recommendations with regard to selling and buying
  • researches up to date information to minimise risk
  • makes sure the assets are ‘growing’ financially
  • keeps up to date with financial market trends
  • understands local and national laws and regulations with regarding the assests
  • writes reports

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in financial investments?
  • good at maths?
  • responsible and reliable with other people’s money?
  • analytical?
  • detail orientated?
  • ambitious?

How do I become a Physical Asset Manager?

A Physical Asset Manager is a specialist. They have years and years of experience.

As you can well imagine, if you have to manage other people’s money and assets, you have to have the skills and reputation for people or companies to trust you’ll manage their assets correctly.

Physical Asset Managers usually have a degree/s in business or commerce. They will probably have a background in insurance.

Once qualified, you will enter the company as a junior or as an assistant. From this position, you will need to learn as much as you can on the job. It’s advisable for you to collect more skills and training in insurance and investments to jump ahead of the rest. You need to show that you’re motivated, a team player and that you’re responsible and hard-working enough to ‘manage’ a portfolio before you will get promoted.

Physical Asset Managers are usually older because it takes time to gather knowledge and experience.


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Is becoming a Physical Asset Manager the right career choice for me?