Police Officer (Non-Commissioned)

OFO No: 541202






Other names for Police Officer:

  • Bomb Squad Officer
  • Constable (SAPS)
  • Crime Scene Coordinator / Officer
  • Crime Services Manager
  • Gang Intelligence Officer
  • Incident Response Constable
  • Inquests Constable / Officer
  • Metro Police Officer
  • Motor Vehicle Crime Coordinator
  • Mounted Police Officer
  • Neighbourhood Support Coordinator
  • Police Community Officer
  • Police Dog Training Instructor
  • Police Patrolman / Woman
  • Police Station Control Manager
  • Police Station Sergeant
  • Police Surveillance Officer
  • Prosecutions Constable / Officer / Sergeant
  • Relief Sergeant
  • Rural Sergeant
  • Search and Rescue Officer
  • Services Desk Officer / Public Reception Constable
  • Tactical Response Group Officer
  • Threat Assessment Officer

What is a Police Officer (non-commissioned)?

A Police Officer (non-commissioned) makes sure that the public live within in the law. They enforce the laws of the country. They investigate crime and arrest criminals.

What does a Police Officer (non-commissioned) do?

  • maintains order
  • enforces the law
  • investigates crimes
  • patrols public areas and communities
  • arrests criminals

Are you … ?

  • interested in crime, law and order?
  • emotionally strong?
  • able to see and deal with violent crime scenes?
  • confident?
  • a person with an eye for detail?
  • a team player?

How do I become a Police Officer (non-commissioned)?

  • You must be a SA citizen
  • You must be medically fit

Path 1

  • Complete your Matric

Path 2

  • 2 year Learnership with SA Police Service

Path 3

  • As you work with the SAPS you will collect more training and skills.

The order of police ranks or Police Officers (Non-commissioned) are:

1.    Constable
2.    Sergeant
3.    Warrant Officer


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Commissioned Police Officer or Paramedic

Is becoming a Police Officer (non-commissioned) the right career choice for me?