Ballistic Expert

Ballistic experts are responsible for the processing of crime scenes for ballistic related evidence; examining firearms and tool marks.

Commissioned Police Officer

A Commissioned Police Officer is a senior position and they are in charge of the management and support of running a police force in a designated area.


If you are interested in crime and/or crime prevention and you have a clear sense of what’s right and wrong, you might consider becoming a Criminologist. You need to be extremely hard working, focused and detail orientated.

Dog Handler

A Dog Handler is a trained police officer who together with their dog, help to prevent and investigate crimes.

Flying Squad Official

The Flying Squad Official provides a quick response to priority, serious and violent crimes in progress in an attempt to apprehend the suspect and to limit possible further danger to the victim.

Forensic Technician

A Forensic Technician may also be called a criminalist. They specialise in collecting physical evidence from crime scenes. Forensic Technicians work alongside forensic scientists in a laboratory.

Identikit Artist

An Identikit Artist works at Facial Identification Sections of the SAPS. They help draw up faces from verbal descriptions so that missing persons or criminals can be found.

Police Diver

A Police Diver helps law enforcement by diving for bodies and to retrieve criminal evidence. They usually dive in dams, rivers and the sea.

Police Officer (Non-Commissioned)

A police officer is responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa. As a member of the South African Police Service [SAPS] the police officer is directly involved in preventing, dealing with and investigating crime.

Police Psychologist

A Police Psychologists in the SAPS provide psychological assistance to personnel of the South African Police Service. They conduct workshops, do trauma debriefing and render counselling and psychotherapy.

Police Translator

If you can speak and read different languages well, you may consider becoming a Police Translator. Police Translators help police and other people in law enforcement by translating from one language to another.