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What is a Forensic Technician?

A Forensic Technician may also be called a criminalist.

They specialise in collecting physical evidence from crime scenes.

Forensic Technicians work alongside forensic scientists in a laboratory. 

What does a Forensic Technician do?

  • collects physical samples from crime scenes
  • follows strict rules and regulations
  • performs experiments in laboratory on the samples
  • analyses experiments and data
  • determines what happened at the crime scene
  • prove or disprove a suspect was at the crime scene
  • writes reports
  • helps police and other legal professionals
  • appears in court if necessary as an expert witness

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in crime scenes?
  • interested in science?
  • observant?
  • detail orientated?
  • a person with a strong stomach? (some crime scenes can be extremely traumatising)
  • reliable?
  • responsible?
  • inquisitive?

How do I become a Forensic Technician?

There are many ways to becoming a Forensic Technician.


  • Learnership: NQF Level 5 – Forensic Science


  • National Certificate in Forensic Biology


  • National Diploma in Forensic Pathology Support


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Is becoming a Forensic Technician the right career choice for me?