Portable Toilet Cleaner


What is a Portable Toilet Cleaner? 

Portable Toilet Cleaners are also known as Porta-Potty Technicians. 

Yes! Someone has to do it, and this is a real, disgusting job! A  Portable Toilet Cleaner does just that. They clean portable toilets. A porta-potty is a portable toilet.


Portable toilets are used in many places, usually at events:

  • construction sites
  • camp sites
  • isolated film/movie locations
  • informal settlements
  • on boats and campers
  • along routes of races like cycle, running etc

Here’s a Youtube clip:


What does a Portable Toilet Cleaner do?

  • drives to different sites
  • removes ‘waste’ from toilets
  • hoses down the unit
  • rinses the toilet with disinfectant
  • cleans the inside of the entire unit

Are you … ?

  • able to deal with dirty toilets?
  • hygiene conscious?
  • safety conscious?
  • able to do routine, repetitive work?
  • responsible?
  • able to deal with bad smells?

How do I become a Portable Toilet Cleaner?

Portable toilet cleaning companies usually train their own staff. Responsible Portable Toilet Cleaners wear protective clothing like overalls, gloves and in some cases eye goggles.

If you’re brave enough to have, what people consider, one of the most disgusting jobs in the world, then contact a Portable toilet cleaning company to see if they have a job for you!

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Is becoming a Portable Toilet Cleaner the right career choice for me?