Professional Golfer

What is a Professional Golfer?

95% of Professional Golfers make their living from:

  • teaching the game of golf :  privately in 1-to-1 sessions, from a golf school or a club
  • running golf clubs and courses:  private, corporate or municipal
  • dealing in golf equipment:  working in a pro-golf shop

The other 5%, if they are extremely skilled and lucky, will end up playing golf on the professional circuit.  They will earn their living through competition winnings and endorsements.

Many club and teaching professionals start working in the golf industry as caddies or as an assistant in a pro-golf shop.

What does a Professional Golfer do?

  • practicing and practicing the various skills of the game
  • coaching others
  • traveling between competitions
  • keeping up to date with golf equipment, rules and regulations and competition schedules
  • if coaching, ascertaining problems with the client’s/student’s swing or game
  • designing appropriate training sessions
  • maintaining fitness levels by building stamina, flexibility and doing light weight training

Are you … ?

  • good at golf?
  • good with people?
  • patient?
  • a good teacher?
  • self-motivated?
  • dedicated?
  • willing to practice and practice?
  • able to accept disappointment?
  • punctual & professional?

How do I become a Professional Golfer?

If you’re still in school, play for your high school team and then play for your college team. The more competitions you enter, the better you’ll become.
Get a job as a club pro or an assistant pro at a teaching facility or a golf club.
Get a part-time job in a golf store.
Take refresher courses throughout your career.  Constantly strive to improve your game.


If you are keen on becoming a Golf Professional (as opposed to a Professional Golfer)?  This apprentice programme might suit you.

  • The PGA Apprentice Programme:

Introduction, Application Process, Guidelines and Rule 

Minimum requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Matric with a suitable qualification re literacy sciences and maths
  • A 5 handicap for men and an 8 handicap for ladies
  • Employed under a full PGA member in a green grass environment i.e. golf club or driving range



The Golf School of Excellence is South Africa’s premier golf academy for producing professional golfers.  The only academy in South Africa to offer elite performance training and academics through our various full-time programmes:

  • High School Programme (Grade 10 to 12)  – International Junior Academy

A full-time programme for Grades 10, 11 & 12, where learners combine intensive golf training with private school education.  TGSE has collaborated with Abbotts College to provide the education part of the programme.

  • PGA Golf Diploma – Golf College (Post-matric programmes) – Elite Academy

Minimum requirements:

  • Matriculation Certificate or equivalent
  • Interview with Programme Director
  • Game Assessment Session


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Caddy/Caddie and Turfgrass Manager

Is becoming a Professional Golfer the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.