Professional Sportsperson

What is a Professional Sportsperson?

A Professional Sportsperson is an individual who channels all their energies into a particular sport so that they can compete at the highest level and make it their career. 

They make their money usually through prize winnings and/or through endorsements of sponsors for example:  Nike, Coke and Tag Watches to name a few.

Professional Sportspersons can be found in almost any sport, for example:  soccer, rugby, cricket, golf, sailing, swimming, tennis, athletics etc.

What does a Professional Sportsperson do?

  • training, training and more training
  • gym and exercising
  • honing their skills and improving every aspect of their game/sport
  • working with a coach
  • if in a team, working with other team members and a coach
  • eating correctly
  • keeping up to date with new technology in the sport
  • traveling to international competitions
  • competing at the highest level
  • keeping up to date with what their competitors are doing
  • attending to injuries (rehabilitation, physiotherapy etc)

Are you … ?

  • passionate about sport?
  • extremely good at a particular sport?
  • world class?
  • competitive and driven?
  • an extremely hard worker?
  • willing to put hours and hours into training?
  • committed, focused and dedicated?
  • fit and healthy?

How do I become a Professional Sportsperson?

The quickest way to become a Professional Sportsperson is to excel at school.  Try and get into your 1st team.  Make sure that you participate in as many school matches as you can. 

You may get picked for your province, where a talent scout may spot your sporting talent and help you achieve your goal. 

If you are really good at school, someone may spot you even earlier.

Enter relevant sporting competitions.  Do the best you can.  Once you start winning club and national championships you may be invited to participate in the international arena. 

Once you hit the world scene and you’re still on top of your game – the world is your oyster and sponsors will instantly come your way.

But be aware, that the minute you start losing your winning streak – the sponsors, fans and attention will fall away.  This means you have constantly got to maintain and improve your skills. 


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Is becoming a Professional Sportsperson the right career choice for me?

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