Reservations Agent

What is a Reservations Agent?

A Reservation Agent is the person in charge of reservations in a hotel, resort, lodge, car rental company, spa, or any other business or organisation where reservations are required.

A Reservation Agent needs to be professional and organised at all times.  They must be on top of their game and know exactly what is going on in their department.  They need to clearly note where reservations are made, and where old ones have been cancelled.

They need to keep good records and be extremely methodical.  The smooth running of the business will depend on the Reservations Agent’s input.

What does a Reservation Agent do?

  • answering the phone
  • handling client queries
  • checking availability
  • making reservations/cancelling reservations
  • giving quotations
  • reading and answering emails from clients
  • assisting clients where necessary
  • updating client information

Are you … ?

  • a team player?
  • target driven?
  • attentive?
  • organised?
  • vibrant and confident?
  • able to work well under pressure?
  • a person who loves dealing with people?
  • able to deal with difficult or even rude clients?
  • able to create a good impression of the company?
  • computer literate?
  • able to read and write well?

How do I become a Reservations Agent?

No formal qualification is required, but preference is given to candidates with a tourism diploma or similar. 

On-the-job training focuses on customer service, telephone techniques and solution-selling skills. 


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Travel Agent or Hotel/Resort Receptionist

Is becoming a Reservations Agent the right career choice for me?

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