Hotel / Resort Receptionist

A Hotel/Resort Receptionist is the first person guests speak to at the establishment. They work at the front desk and make sure that all the guests’ needs are taken care of. Their job is to make sure that guests are made to feel welcome at all times.

Reservations Agent

A Reservation Agent is the person in charge of reservations in a hotel, resort, lodge, car rental company, spa, or any other business or organisation where reservations are required.
A Reservation Agent needs to be professional and organised at all times.

Reservations and Tickets Clerk

Do you enjoy working with people? Does a career in tourism interest you? Do you have a knack for details? Then becoming a Reservations or Ticket Clerk may be a career that would interest you.

Tour Manager

Does a career in organising and accompanying holidaymakers on tours through various locations and countries both local and overseas excite you? Then a career in tourism management could be just what you are looking for.

Tour Operator

Tour Operators organise and accompany groups of holidaymakers on package tours to a wide variety of locations (locally and internationally).

Tourism Entrepreneur

Do you love your country and enjoy working with people?
Do you explore new areas of interest and believe that others should experience these areas too?
Becoming a Tourism Entrepreneur could be the field for you.

Tourism Marketing Manager

A Tourism Marketing Manager will work for a tourism company, coach or tour company, or other tourist related organisation. They will be in charge of the marketing and advertising campaigns for these companies.

Tourism Operations Manager

Tourism Managers are highly self-motivated people who enjoy interacting with others and facing challenges. They are committed to providing a service that involves managing the tour guides, planning of the adventure activities and ensuring the safety of the people taking part in the activities.

Travel Agent

A Travel Agent usually works for a travel agency or freelance for themselves.

They are responsible for researching and booking all travel arrangements on behalf of their clients. These customers can be private individuals or corporate clients.

Travel Consultant

A Travel Consultant is a sales-based job. You may not have traveled to all corners of the world, but it is your ability to sound like you have that will ensure your success as a Travel Consultant. This is very important as most Travel Consultants are paid commission or paid basic salaries with incentives.