Tourism Entrepreneur

What is a Tourism Entrepreneur?

A Tourism Entrepreneur is a person who undertakes a risk to start up their own business.  This risk could end up making a profit or dishing up a loss.

An Entrepreneur usually has a vision, dream or an idea which, with a lot of hard work, they try and make work.  A Tourism Entrepreneur therefore, will have a ‘idea’ which will hopefully work in the tourism industry. 

What does a Tourism Entrepreneur do?

  • defining what area of tourism you want your business to be in
  • researching the tourism industry and tourism trends
  • writing a business plan
  • planning a working schedule
  • liaising with bank manager for a loan
  • hiring and firing the right people
  • working long hours to make sure your business takes off
  • marketing your business
  • networking with people in the industry that will benefit your business

Are you … ?

  • interested in the tourism market?
  • driven?
  • committed?
  • competitive?
  • a risk-taker?
  • innovative?
  • enthusiastic?
  • a person who takes control of their own destiny?
  • able to deal with stress?

How do I become a Tourism Entrepreneur?

Obviously, besides being a risk taker, one needs some form of business training to help you with your business plan.

Some basic accounting and business subjects would be advantageous or highly recommended. A certificate or diploma in Business would also be extremely beneficial.

If you are taking the economic risk, you really need to be skilled with the right experience and qualifications, otherwise you may lose a lot of money in the process.

Here are some institutions that offer relevant courses:


Offers a 3 year National Diploma in Entrepreneurship as well as a BTech course.

Minimum requirements: English, Mathematics or Maths Literacy, Economics and/or Accounting


Offers a Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Extra information:

If you want to start a tourism business, you may attend a FREE 1-day Beginner’s Session with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. 

For further info contact: 
Phone:  021 483 0132
or visit the website:

Contact your local Tourism Helpdesk in your region:


Catherine Colling:  021 487 6800,


Marian Mercuur: Tel 082 493 8161,

  • EDEN

Quinton James:  082 552 3372,


Joseph Tala:  028 572 1251,


022 487 2989,


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Food and Beverage Manager or Adventure Gour Guide

Is becoming a Tourism Entrepreneur the right career choice for me?

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