Road Construction Worker








What is a Road Construction Worker?

A Road Construction Worker is a labourer who gets to work on large-scale road works. Some work is extremely easy and sometimes boring, while other times it can be extremely difficult, exciting and at times, dangerous, especially when explosives are used.

Some Road Construction Workers may help artisans like plumbers, electricians, etc to carry out their work on the road construction site.

What does a Road Construction Worker do?

  • works well in a team
  • prepares the road construction site by removing obstacles and rubble
  • loads and unloads building materials
  • digs holes
  • compacts tar
  • operates heavy machinery like jackhammers, etc
  • operates hand tools like brooms, shovels, picks etc
  • follows instructions
  • repairs and maintains exisiting roads

Are you . . . ?

  • physically fit and healthy?
  • strong?
  • able to follow instructions?
  • reliable?
  • a hard worker?
  • interested in working on large-scale road works?
  • a team player?

How do I become a Road Construction Worker?

You will need to find work with a large construction company. Some municipalities which are building roads may advertise for Road Construction Workers.



Is becoming a Road Construction Worker the right career choice for me?