Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers are in demand in SA and internationally! Civil Engineers plan, design, and oversee the construction and maintenance of building structures, and facilities, such as roads, railroads, bridges, harbors, dams, irrigation projects, pipelines, power plants, water and sewage systems, and waste disposal units.

Civil Engineering Technician

Civil Engineering Technician provide technical support to Civil Engineers on large-scale construction projects like skyscrapers, bridges, dams, roads and tunnels, harbours, sewerage systems etc.

Civil Engineering Technologist

A Civil Engineering Technologist is like a civil’s researcher. They take their research, analyse all the data and then modify new, existing or old engineering technologies.

Road Construction Worker

A Road Construction Worker is a labourer who gets to work on large-scale road works. Some work is extremely easy and sometimes boring, while other times it can be difficult, exciting and dangerous, especially when explosives are used.

Structural Engineer

A Structural Engineer is a kind of Civil Engineer and has a very responsible job. They are the experts on the design and monitoring of anything that supports or carries a load. They are the person who makes sure a building / structure is completely safe and does not fall down!