Snowboard and Ski Instructor

What is a Snowboard / Ski Instructor?

A Snowboard / Ski Instructor usually work for ski resorts in Europe, USA and some parts of South America.  In South Africa, we only have one resort, Tiffindell, in Kwa Zulu Natal and two ski schools: Ski School of South Africa, in Midrand, and The Ski Deck in Randburg, all of which may employ you as an Instructor.

Snowboard / Ski Instructors are passionate about snow and snow-related sports such as skiing and snowboarding. 

They spend hours on the slopes of snow covered mountains teaching others (individually or in groups) to enjoy the sports as well as honing their own skills on their time-off.

Snowboard / Ski Instructors teach children as well as adults.

Their main responsibility is to make sure that holiday makers are thoroughly enjoying their skiing vacation.

Being a Snowboard / Ski Instructor can be extremely rewarding however, snow is seasonal and an Instructor must either follow the snow from one country to another, or find different work during the summer season.

What does a Snowboard / Ski Instructor do?

  • being responsible at all times
  • being aware of the weather conditions, predicting weather patters
  • giving various teaching classes throughout the day
  • maintaining positive enthusiasm
  • encouraging participants
  • making sure holiday makers are having the time-of-their-lives!

Are you … ?

  • adventurous?
  • outgoing?
  • fit and healthy?
  • patient?
  • a peoples’ person?
  • a person who enjoys teaching?
  • able to work outdoors for long hours at a time?

How do I become a Snowboard / Ski Instructor?

First of all you must be a really good snowboarder or skier yourself.  Once you are, you may approach a ski resort or ski school for an Snowboard / Ski Instructor position. Any training you need will be given to you on-the-job.

If you are planning to be an Instructor overseas, there are numerous Snowboard and Ski Instructor training courses in Europe and USA you could do.

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Is becoming a Snowboard / Ski Instructor the right career choice for me?

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