Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for developing programmes that could be used by any company or organisation for its specific needs, or by any individual who needs a customised application to input data logically or to be able to retrieve information in the form of reports. Such reports could be electronically based, such as via e-mail or as hard copy (paper), manuals and documentation.

Software developers are involved in:
·         data access – this is the way in which data is stored, published and accessed;
·         component development – they ensure that all components functions at the same time without slowing other systems down or creating problems;
·         enterprise technology – which  allows businesses to upgrade to new versions of software without any problems;
·         fields of specialisation such as multimedia, graphics, web development
Where to study:
University: UJ, UP, UCT, Wits, NMMU, SUN, UZulu, Unisa, MGI
Universities of Technology: CPUT, VUT, CUT, DUT, WSU
FET College: NLink
Other: CTI
Companies to work for:
Any IT related company that develops it own in-house applications, self-employment