Sports Advancement Officer

What is a Sport Advancement Officer?

Do you have a wild passion for sport?  Do and see yourself with a career in the sporting arena?

Sport Advancement Officers aim to provide opportunities for participation in sport for all sections of the community.

They distribute information and organise sport-related projects, classes, programmes, coaching, club development and training for those who want to participate for fun and those who are interested in competition.

A Sport Advancement Officer will plan, promote and regulate sport and recreational activities and make contact with other sport organizations in order to co-ordinate such activities.

A Sport Advancement Officer attends sporting tournaments, training courses and meetings where the administrative aspects of sport events are dealt with.

What does a Sport Advancement Officer do?

  • meeting with various sports administrators
  • attending various sporting events/tournaments and training courses
  • promoting sporting events, coaching and recreational activities
  • visiting various clubs and building relationships with club officials
  • distributing various forms of information (brochures, posters etc) to promote sports
  • organising various sporting events
  • organising coaching sessions for trainers and leaders in sport and recreation
  • assisting with the planning and designing of sport and recreation facilities 
  • participating in conflict resolution between sport organsations or sportspersons

Are you … ?

  • passionate about sports?
  • a peoples’ person?
  • a great organiser?
  • a good negotiator?
  • persuasive?
  • a good marketer?
  • enthusiastic?

How do I become a Sport Advancement Officer?

A 3 year National Diploma in Sports  Administration and Marketing or similar would be extremely beneficial.


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Is becoming a Sport Advancement Officer the right career choice for me?

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