Sports Instructor

What is a Sports Instructor?

Sports Instructors usually work with children within a community or at a school.  Their main focus is helping children gain sporting skills that will lead them into a professional career in a particular sport.



What does a Sports Instructor do?

  • training learners various sporting activities
  • teaching participant how to handle victory as well as defeat
  • creating team spirit
  • instilling discipline and teaching learners to control their emotions
  • building self-esteem and camaraderie within the team
  • giving private one-to-one lessons as well as group tuition
  • accompanying children on away matches/tournaments
  • keeping up to date records on the learners, their achievements and improvements
  • monitoring the learners’ progress and potential

Are you … ?

  • passionate about sport?
  • good with children?
  • a person who is a good teacher?
  • patient?
  • confident?
  • observant?
  • enthusiastic?
  • responsible?

How do I become Sports Instructor?

In some cases, if you are really good at sport yourself, you may get a job training children in a school, club or community centre.

If you cannot, at first, get a job as a Sports Instructor, you could become a volunteer first at one of these places.  This will also give you a good feel if you want to continue this line for a career.

Another way of approaching this career is to become a Sports Coach.  Obviously the more credentials (skills and training) you have, the easier it will be to find a relevant job.


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Is becoming Sports Instructor the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.