Tea Lady or Tea Person



OFO No: 811203





Other names for Tea Lady or Beverage Person:

  • Beverage Maker
  • Office Kitchen Worker
  • Tea Attendant

What’s a Tea Lady or Beverage Person?

The Tea Person is responsible for making tea and coffee and delivering it to all the workers in the office. In small to medium companies there will be one Tea Person and in large companies there might be a team of Tea People.

The Tea Person will need to know how each person likes their tea and coffee. They need to be friendly and hygienic.

The Tea Person is also responsible for collecting all the mugs, tea cups etc, washing them up and putting them away. They will also need to keep stock of the tea, coffee, sugar, milk etc and make sure the company never runs out.

What does a Tea or Beverage Person do?

  • takes orders for tea and coffee
  • makes tea and coffee
  • delivers drinks to staff members
  • collects all the cups and washes them
  • dries crockery and puts it away
  • makes sure kitchen is clean and hygienic at all times
  • keeps stock of beverages, sugar, milk etc
  • orders new stock when necessary

Are you . . . ?

  • friendly?
  • responsible?
  • punctual?
  • hygienic?
  • careful when washing up?
  • good with your hands?
  • organised?

How do I become a Tea or Beverage Person?

A Tea or Beverage Person is your stepping stone into the world of business. Most companies require a Tea Person or a team of Tea People.

You do not need a qualification to become Tea Person.

The good thing about becoming a Tea Person is – it gets your foot in the door of business. Once the company sees that you are serious about your future and that you’re a hard worker – either you can ask for training or they may offer you training.

2 x Pieces of Advice:

Avoid asking for training unless you’ve been with the company at least a year. Two weeks or one month doesn’t really show you’re committed.

While working as a Tea Person try and get some training on the side through night school or online. Once you have some extra skills – you can then show your boss how determined you are about your future. Prove to the company you’re serious.

Effort = Reward!

If you are persistent and patient and you show the company you really want it, you could eventually see yourself in a better position with better pay.

It’s up to you!


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Is becoming a Tea or Beverage Person the right career choice for me?