A Caretaker’s main job is to make sure that the building and grounds are clean and up to date with maintenance. Depending on the size of the building, the Caretaker may have to manage staff or do all the care-taking themselves.

Corporate Cleaner

A Corporate Cleaner is like a domestic worker but they work for a cleaning company. Together, in a team, the Corporate Cleaners clean different places like offices, hospitals, schools, gyms etc.

Office Cleaner

Calling guys and girls – Here’s a job that gets your foot in the door of business. If you work hard and show ambition, you could work and train your way up through the company to more senior positions. You do NOT have to remain a cleaner your whole life.

Tea Lady or Tea Person

The Tea Lady or Tea Person is responsible for making tea and coffee and delivering it to all the workers in the office. In small to medium companies there will be one Tea Person and in large companies there might be a team of Tea People.