Office Cleaner



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Other names for Officer Cleaner:

  • Building Exterior / Interior Cleaner
  • Cleaner (Non-domestic)
  • Corporate Cleaner
  • Factory Cleaner / Sweeper
  • Hotel / Motel Cleaner
  • School Cleaner
  • Waterblaster
  • Workshop Cleaner

What is an Office Cleaner?

Calling guys and girls – Here’s a job that gets your foot in the door of business. If you work hard and show ambition, you could work and train your way up through the company to more senior positions. You do NOT have to remain a cleaner your whole life.

An Office Cleaner is responsible for cleaning the office. They make sure that surfaces are dust free and the bins are emptied and carpets are vacuumed etc. They are also responsible for keeping the toilets clean and stocked with toilet paper etc.

In some cases, in smaller companies, the Office Cleaner can also be the person who is responsible for tea duties and cleaning the office kitchen.

What does an Office Cleaner do?

  • dusts all surfaces
  • polishes wood surfaces
  • washes down surfaces
  • empties bins
  • vacuums carpets
  • cleans inside of windows
  • sweeps
  • polishes tiled floors
  • makes tea and coffee
  • washes up

Are you . . . ?

  • reliable?
  • observant?
  • healthy?
  • careful?
  • hygienic?
  • neat and presentable?
  • responsible?

How do I become an Office Cleaner?

You do not need a qualification to become an Office Cleaner.

The good thing about becming an Office Cleaner is – it gets your foot in the door of business. Once the company sees that you are serious about your future and that you’re a hard worker – either you can ask for training or they may offer you training.

2 x Pieces of Advice:

  • Avoid asking for training unless you’ve been with the company at least a year. Two weeks or one month doesn’t really show you’re committed.
  • While working as an Office Cleaner try and get some training on the side through night school or online. Once you have some extra skills – you can then show your boss how determined you are about your future. Prove to the company you’re serious.

Effort = Reward!

If you are persistent and patient and you show the company you really want it, you could eventually see yourself in a better position with better pay.

It’s up to you!


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Is becoming an Office Cleaner the right career choice for me?