Corporate Cleaner

A Corporate Cleaner is like a domestic worker but they work for a cleaning company. Together, in a team, the Corporate Cleaners clean different places like offices, hospitals, schools, gyms etc.


A Housekeeper does a of different tasks like cleans, tidies and cooks. They may even drive and do the grocery shopping, organise parties, do flower arranging etc etc. A Housekeeper needs to be reliable, responsible and very organised.

Nanny / Childminder

A Nanny/Childminder is a person who takes care of one or more children for a family.

Office Cleaner

Calling guys and girls – Here’s a job that gets your foot in the door of business. If you work hard and show ambition, you could work and train your way up through the company to more senior positions. You do NOT have to remain a cleaner your whole life.

Window Cleaner

Do you have a good sense of balance, have the ability to work on scaffolding, ladders or cleaner swing seats. If so you might consider a career as a window cleaner.