This is a question I am asking on behalf of my girlfriend.

This is a question I am asking on behalf of my girlfriend.

She has done certificates in various skills as a medical technician and has the same skills if not more than colleagues with a degree in the field.

However, exployers love to know that someone has a degree. What are her options for getting the degree certificate for skills she already has?

Is there an institution that will simply do exams, or a distance learning opportunity in this field. Her matric subject also arent quite right for a University since she doesn’t have science, but she has been working in the field for 5 years. It;s really a bit ridiculous. Please help.


We sympathise with your girlfriend; it is often difficult when you have the skills, but not the piece of paper. Unfortunately in the Medical field, where lives are at stake, the authority lies with the HEALTH PROFESSSIONS COUNCIL OF SA (HPCSA) which sets the standards and the courses one must pass.

There is another alternative on their page.

Then we suggest she try explore what Universities of Technology and some combined Universities offer, here:

Comprehensive Universities include. University of Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Venda, University of Zululand, Walter Sisulu University.

It is worth writing to the HPCSA and going to see various institutions to discuss what ways she can achieve her aims.

We would also like to refer her to this resource of where she can add Science to her subjects. (See the Maths and Science Answer)

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