OFO No: 862929





Other names for Usher:

  • Ticket Collector
  • Cinema Attendant
  • Entertainment Usher
  • Gatekeeper
  • Ticket Collector Railway
  • Ticket Taker
  • Turnstile Attendant
  • Venue Attendant

What is an Usher?

An Usher is a person who shows people to their seats eg in a theatre, movie house, rock concert, live performance or at a wedding etc.

What does an Usher do?

  • helping setting out chairs
  • making sure chairs are neat and clean
  • meeting people at the door/entrance
  • reading ticket stubs or invitations
  • showing people to their correct seat
  • helping the physically disabled or older people to their seat
  • in some cases, moving people who have sat in the wrong seats

Are you … ?

  • good with people?
  • cheerful?
  • neat and tidy?
  • helpful?
  • basic reading skills?
  • willing to work both day and/or night shifts?

How do I become an Usher?

Most Usher positions are trained on the job. 

If you dress neatly and have a positive and cheerful attitude – it will go a long way to securing a trainee position.


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Is becoming an Usher the right career choice for me?