Event Assistant

What is an Event Assistant? An Event Assistant assists with all parts of an event: design, production, guest speakers, decorations, admin etc.

Event Co-ordinator

Event Co-ordinators work together with Event Managers to plan and co-ordinate functions, banquets, conferences and other major events.

Event Manager

Do you have a creative flair and excellent communication skills? Are you friendly, outgoing and spontaneous and have the ability to manage people? Event Management might be the job you’re looking for? Event Managers are in charge and responsible for the event/s.


If you enjoy working with people and providing a good client service, working as an Usher may be a job well suited to you. Ushers help those in attendance at entertainment and sporting events in theatres and stadiums.

Wedding Planner

If you like working with people, enjoy planning big parties, and are good at negotiating and networking you might consider a job as a Wedding Planner.