Bank Manager

Bank Managers are responsible for making sure that the bank functions as it should on a daily and annual basis. Bank Managers need to know how each aspect of their bank and the banking world functions so that they know what it takes to oversee each department.

Bank Teller

A Bank Teller works in a bank and a Teller usually works in a building society which is like a bank. The main job or responsibility of a Teller is to receive and pay out money and process the necessary documentation.

Banking Analyst

A Banking Analyst is a highly professional person who researches and studies financial information to help banks and other financial institutions. Money is very precious and everyone is worried about their money so very important decisions have to be made.

Forex Trader

A Forex Trader is a specialised investor that focuses on foreign currency. This is a very exciting career as every minute is different. You have to remain sharp, keep calm and pay attention at all times. They study the international currency markets, analyse the data and then make informed decisions to make important trades on time.

Personal Banker

Some people get Personal Banker mixed up with a Financial Planner. A Financial Planner assists clients with a wide range of financial products from various institutions. A Personal Banker represents ONE bank or ONE financial institution.