A Butcher is a professional who cuts and prepares meat for sale. They range from supermarket Butchers who work with already-slaughtered (killed) animals to traditional Butchers who travel to farms to kill the animals humanely themselves. Butchery is a skilled trade.


Does cheese make you drool? Are you a cheese lover or do you prefer chocolate? If the idea of making cheese excited you – why don’t you consider becoming a Cheesemaker?


IN DEMAND: A Chef usually runs or is in charge of a kitchen in a restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, old-aged home, university, cruise ship, resort etc. They are in charge of the kitchen staff, preparing menus, ordering supplies and preparing the food. Chefs work particularly long hours.

Confectionery Maker / Chocolatier

Now here’s a sweet job that may tantalise your tastebuds! If you have a sweet tooth and love working in the kitchen, then maybe you should consider becoming a Confectionery Maker. A Confectionery Maker is a person who specialises in making chocolates, toffees and other types of sweets.

Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are in demand!

Here’s a finger-licking, sweet job for you! If you have a passion for food, particularly pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods, then becoming a Pastry Chef may be the job for you.