A Geographer studies spaces and locations around the world. They may study physical geography (study of the earth’s surface and natural phenomena) or human geography (study of the relationship of people and places).


A Geologist is passionate about the structure, physical characteristics and composition of the earth. Their studies are used in: mineral exploration (mining), civil engineering, environmental protection and earth rehabilitation programmes (after mining etc).

Geophysical Technician

A Geophysical Technician uses a combination of physics, geology and mathematics to study the earth. They use high-tech equipment to collect their data. Geophysical Technicians usually work closely with engineers and scientists.


A Geophysicist is a scientist. They study the physical characteristics of the earth. If you’re interested in geography and science and would like to work mostly outdoors, this may be the career you’re looking for.


A Seismologist is a scientist. They study the internal physical characteristics of the earth. In most cases, they specialise in studying earthquakes! – This career may rock your world.