Insurance Broker

An Insurance Broker sells insurance from various insurance companies to clients for Life Insurance – Accident Insurance – Medical Insurance – Industrial / Commercial Insurance – Home Insurance etc. An Insurance Broker will have a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of insurance products and will therefore advise clients on which options would suit them best.

Long Term Insurance Broker

A Long Term Insurance Broker sells a wide range of insurance products, including life, disability, dreaded disease cover, income protection policies, endowments, retirement annuity funds, living annuities and compulsory annuities, etc.

Short Term Insurance Broker

The job of a Short Term Insurance Broker is to sell insurance to cover valuable goods like a car, boat, jewellery, cameras, etc. These items are insured in case of theft, fire or loss, etc.

Valuer and Appraiser

The job of a Valuer / Appraiser is a responsible one. They establish the monetary worth of property, merchandise, business assets, objects d’art, coins, precious stones, motor vehicles and household effects etc.