Diesel Fitter

Diesel Fitters work on diesel engines. They are responsible for the service, maintenance and repair of these engines.

Diesel Mechanic

Does working with vehicle engines excite you? Diesel driven vehicles are an important part of the transport economy. Why not consider a career as a Diesel Mechanic?

Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic

Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic can also be known as a heavy Equipment Mechanic. Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic’s job is to maintain and repair all aspect of earthmoving machines from the hydraulic systems and power shift transmissions to electronic and electrical systems.

Mechanical Engineer

Are mathematics and science your passion and does the world of engineering fascinate you. Becoming a Mechanical Engineer might just be the world you are looking to enter.

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Are you considering a career in engineering? Becoming a Mechanical Engineering Technician could be what you are looking for. A Mechanical Engineering Technician works alongside a Mechanical Engineer. They conduct tests on mechanical systems.

Motorcycle Mechanic

Are you passionate about motorcycles? Does the thrill of getting your hands dirty working on them appeal to you? Becoming a Motorcycle Mechanic may be the right job for you!

Other Mechanical Careers

Are you interested in mechanical engineering? There are so many different jobs in this sector. Learn all about the different career before you make your final decision. Find one that will suit your passion!

Panel Beater

Imagine being the person who takes a wreck from a car accident and makes it as good-as-new again. If this scene excites you, then maybe a career as an Automotive Body Repairer (Panel Beater) is just the job for you! Automotive Body Repairers repair damage to metal, plastic and fibreglass bodywork on different types of vehicles.

Pipe Fitter

A Pipe Fitter is a specialised tradesperson who installs, maintains and repairs high pressure mechanical piping systems. These systems are often found in aircraft, industrial plants and various marine vessels.

Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Mechanic

A Tractor Mechanic inspects, tests, maintains, services and repairs tractors or other large machinery. So if you would like to work on big engines and machinery, this might be the mechanical job you’re looking for!