Diesel Electrical Fitter

Diesel Electrical Fitters can work in train yards, power stations and in private homes. In a train yard, a Diesel Electrical Fitter’s main job is to install, maintain and repair wiring on diesel locomotives. Diesel Electrical Fitters use very technical equipment and hand tools.

Functional Yard Operator

The main job of a Functional Yard Operator is to control the shunting of trains. They also receive and dispatch trains from the yard using specialised equipment.

Railway Signaller

A Railway Signaller is also known as a Signalman. A Railway Signaller has the very responsible job of making sure that trains arrive safely and on time, without disruptions.

Train Control Officer

The main job of a Train Control Officer is to make sure trains run on the right tracks.

Train Driver

Train Drivers operate both electronic or diesel trains. They carry freight or passengers. It is the Train Driver’s responsibility to inspect their trains, repair minor problems and report major defects.