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Q: How do I plan my revision time before writing exams?

A: It helps to be organized and prepared.

A timetable like the one above, is useful. You need to create your own timetable, to suit your own needs. You may want to start earlier or later, or have a nap in the afternoon and to push on later into the night, for example. Or you may want to maintain the schedule over the weekend. These are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Get everything ready before the time: pens, pencils, books, papers and a drink so that you start studying on time.
  2. Switch your phone off and put it in another room. You know why!
  3. Begin with your least favourite subject. You are usually freshest in the morning so get that out of the way, before procrastination sets in.
  4. Take short, summary notes while you are studying. Before the next study session of that subject, run your eye over the notes to get back into the topic.
  5. Make sure to take a proper break. Walk away from where you have been revising. A quick walk is recommended to get your circulation going.
  6. Eat properly. You need protein like eggs, cheese, meat, nuts.
  7. When do you feel least productive? Use that time to tackle your favourite subject.
  8. How many subjects a day? People say three topics a day but see how you go.
  9. Reward yourself with small treats or time on your phone or a short chat with a friend.
  10. Remember that this is just an example revision calendar. You know how best you work and a what times you are most productive.