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Artisans are qualified and highly skilled people who work mostly with their hands. Gone are the days when you needed a university degree to enjoy a successful career.  Trades and artisan careers are in high demand and artisans are earning big salaries!

Artisans include artists, performers, technicians, builders and much more. In today’s world, it is no longer unusual to find women entering artisan fields such as welding, boiler making, building, carpentry and more.

Artisans are necessary for economic growth in South Africa and around the world.  South Africa needs more trained artisans to successfully implement strategic infrastructure projects including the building of roads, bridges, schools, harbours, power stations, and other social and economic infrastructure. Artisans need to be produced locally to avoid having to import these much-needed skills.

The South African government, industry and training providers are focussing on training young people in 13 key areas that are critically needed for the economy to grow. These trade areas are:

  1. Bricklayer
  2. Electrician
  3. Millwright
  4. Boilermaker
  5. Plumber
  6. Mechanic including Automotive Mechanic
  7. Diesel Mechanic
  8. Carpenter and Joiner
  9. Welder
  10. Rigger
  11. Fitter and Turner
  12. Mechanical Fitter
  13. Pipe Fitter

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