Agricultural Manager

What is an Agricultural Manager?

Agricultural Managers work on farms. Farm owners usually employ Agricultural Managers to look after one specific aspect of that farm. For example: The nutrition and feeding of the livestock (animals) or to manage the planting and harvesting of a particular crop.

They may specialise, for example, they can work in:

  • Nurseries and greenhouses – specialising in mushroom or rose farming
  • Fisheries – managing in the breeding process

What does an Agricultural Manager do?

  • meets and discusses issues and plans with the farm owner
  • monitors and manages the farm
  • manages staff in their department
  • works long and unusual hours when necessary
  • always on the lookout for diseases and deal with the problem at hand
  • keeps records
  • meets with veterinarians when required

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in farming?
  • a lover of the outdoors?
  • reliable?
  • willing to work in all kinds of weather?
  • willing to work unusual hours if required?
  • a hard worker?
  • dedicated?
  • observant?

How do I become an Agricultural Manager?

A lot of Agricultural Managers have grown up on a farm. Information and skills have been passed down from one generation to the other.  Modern farmers will also consider doing diplomas in Agricultural Management.

Here are a few examples:

National Diplomas  and BTechs in Agricultural Management at some of the Universities of Technology

You can do relevant agricultural management degrees at some universities like Stellenbosch, for instance:

BSc Agric or BAgricAdmin in Agricultural Economics and Management


  • CLICK HERE to check for a training institution near you to see what they offer.
  • Make sure you understand their entry requirements for each course.
  • To avoid scams, make sure your institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education. 
  • CLICK HERE to check accredited Private Higher Education Institutions.