Automotive Sheet Metal Worker

What is an Automotive Sheet Metal Worker?

Automotive sheet metal workers cut and shape sheet metal components into the correct forms and sizes for the bodywork of vehicles. 

What does a Automotive Sheet Metal Worker do?

  • checking the correct measurements of forms and sizes
  • setting up and operating fabricating machines to cut and bend
  • cutting and shaping sheet metal components over anvils, blocks or shapes into the correct forms and sizes for the bodywork of vehicles
  • using electrical and gas-welding techniques to join pieces
  • checking that the components fit together perfectly
  • filing, sanding and smoothing the sheet metal so it’s completely smooth
  • drawing plans

Are you … ?

  • interested in metals?
  • a person with good eye-hand co-ordination?
  • mathematically inclined?
  • able to work accurately and neatly?
  • willing to work in a noisy environment?
  • a person with good hand and finger dexterity?
  • healthy?
  • a person with good vision and colour discrimination?

How do I become a Automotive Sheet Metal Worker?

Further Education and Training Colleges (FET) offer programmes for specific Trade or Skills set such as sheet metal work.

We advise contacting these institutions directly.

Visit the Career Planet Training Institutions page to find your nearest FET College.

For example:




Apprentice or learnership programmes may be available – look out for them.


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Is becoming an Automotive Sheetmetal Worker the right career choice for me?

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